WordPress Traffic Secrets: Learn How To Boost Traffic To Your WordPress Site Using 100% FREE WordPress Plugins! (WordPress Training Guides For Business Book 4)

WordPress makes available over a thousand FREE plugins to WordPress users ... do you know which of these WordPress plugins can dramatically boost the number of visitors to your WordPress blog or site when installed and configured correctly?

'WordPress Traffic Secrets' will show you exactly which plugins you need, where to get them and how to install and configure them correctly to start increasing traffic to your WordPress site immediately!

Section 1 of 'WordPress Traffic S

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Wordpress plugins are a lot like Smartphone apps. They each give you the opportunity to customize and optimize your experience.

One of the best things about Wordpress, is that you can use any of the thousands of themes on the market and customize your site to suit your purposes. One size fits all - is a myth - whether it refers to clothing or plugins. You need the items that are the best to optimize and customize your site.

But anyone who has searched for a specific plugi

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