www.internetlaunchmarketing.com Now we will begin to make the Website look like a website. In this video we will install a WordPress Theme as well as inserting a list of Web Service Updates URL’s so that when ever we make changes to the site, all of these other sites will be notified.

www.WPSalesPage.com Do you love the flexibility and ease of use (not to mention the SEO benefits) that come from building your websites using WordPress blogging software? I dont know about you, but I use it for nearly every website I create – except for my product sales pages. That has all changed now. Now, every word and image on my product sales page is easily managed through the same WordPress dashboard that I use to manage the rest of my website, but I have the selling benefits of a traditional sales page * No Navigation Links * No Unnecessary Graphics * Laser Focused Sales Presentation * Polished Professional Design I didnt spend hours tweaking my WordPress theme settings to make this all happen and I didnt have to switch my site over to some magical theme for Internet marketers either. I simply uploaded 6 little files into the main folder of my active theme and changed one single setting on my sales page. The entire process took just a few minutes. www.WPSalesPage.com Are you creating and managing separate sales pages for sites you are running with WordPress? Have you spent hours tweaking your current WordPress setup to try and create a sales page (or even worse, using a sales page inside the template of your current blog theme with all the headers, footers, and navigation cluttering the page and distracting your potential customers?) My WordPress Sales Page Solution might be right for you too… Imagine the time youll save creating and managing your salespages. No

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