The free BackUpWordPress (one word) Plugin is simple to use and will back up your to entire site including your database and all your files once every day. It’s very important running a WordPress website to create backups so that if anything goes wrong which can’t be fixed, you have a record of an older version. Backups should be performed whenever you are about to do any major changes to your site which would include upgrading to the latest WordPress, modifying a theme and even installing/upgrading plugins. You can download the free plugin from the WordPress Plugin Directory here: If you have any questions, use the Plugin Support tab to let the developers know. Tags: wordpress backup plugin, wordpress backup Mobile Website WordPress Plugin This Mobile Website WordPress Plugin is a product designed by Jason Fladlien. The plugin makes it possilbe to create mobile websites or mobile versions of websites inside of wordpress. The use of this mobile website WordPress plugin is very simple and basic. Check for more tutorials of this mobile website WordPress plugin and the costs (and bonusses) at the following link Soon more Mobile Website WordPress Plugin videos on the Jason Fladlien Product Channel.
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