Duplicator – WordPress plugin local to live site – tutorial – The Duplicator duplicates your site into a compressed zip file. The file can then be backed up, and/or installed into another location. Through this tutorial I am showing you how to: – Install and activate the plugin. – Make a backup zip file of a (local) site. – Upload the zipped file and the installer file (install.php) to a domain. – Log into CPanel through the hosting provider and make a new database. – Go to the domain /install.php and install the new site. – Check the domain and see that the local site has now become a new live online site. The above can sound complex but check out the video it is not as complex as the sentences above might make it seem. It is the easiest way that I know of in getting a site from a local computer (your own computer) to a live WordPress site at the domain of your choosing. If you get an error message: 500 internal server error has to to with the .htaccess file. By renaming/deleting one can start over with the install procedure. – Permission error. Check the permission. Right click the online file and check the properties etc. It should be set to 755 anything else can cause an error. Here is a link to the Duplicator FAQ page: lifeinthegrid.com If you still have a question that the FAQ does not answer a question or comment can also be posted at wordpress.org in the plugin forum support section. wordpress.org

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