Clef Discontinued June 6th 2017

Clef Discontinued .Well here is some really bad news for the 1 million+ users of Clef 2 factor authentication for WordPress .

Discontinuing Support for Clef Starting next week, we will be winding down our business and sunsetting the Clef product. Our team will be joining another company, which we’ll have more news about in the next few weeks.

The Clef product will continue operating for three months, starting today, with a final shutdown date of June 6, 2017. Everything will remain fully functional and maintained until that date, at which point the mobile apps will cease functioning and be removed from the Google Play and Apple App stores.

If you are a current Clef user, we recommend that you begin transitioning away from Clef as a login method as soon as possible. We’ve written a guide for both API and WordPress user with instructions on making that transition here.

No explanation of why just the short sharp reality of closure.

I would imagine the whole user base is on the hunt for a replacement 2 factor authentication plugin for WordPress, my initial search as not come up with anything that is as easy to use as Clef.

Hopefully the team behind the Clef product will be bringing us something to replace this fine WordPress plugin.

Most importantly I need to find another 2 Factor Authentication method before Clef Discontinued June 6th 2017 .

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